Me Sébastien Fanti invité par Global Citizen Foundation à s’exprimer lors d’une conférence internationale à Genève


Me Sébastien Fanti s’est exprimé sur le thème suivant:

Managing Globalization and the Role of Global Citizens’ Preferences and Voice in the 21st Century




Data is the oil of the XXI century! How are we going to reinvent our institutions to regulate it?

A revolution IS going to happen with the data. As you know we don’t have in Europe and in the US the same point of view about data privacy. Privacy is part of citizenship, it is a fundamental right. We need to find an appropriate and common denominator.

The data modeling revolution is coming in about 24 months. There will be a new regulation about data privacy in the UE and than in Switzerland. A campaign of lobbying has begun to avoid the important changes that are included in the new rules. The most important lobbying campaign since UE exist.

BUT it is a revolution that seems to happen without the people.

We made an expert report in 2011 about the new data privacy rules that should be adopted by our Government. We made a survey and we were surprised of the interest of the people for data privacy. People want now to know what we do with their data. This IS their right.

We’ll try to build a data bridge with our studies on cloud computing. But not only with companies with the citizens of both continents. To find a denominator that should be acceptable for each of us.


Voici les autres participants du panel et leur CV:

Professeur James Fishkin: Director of Stanford’s Center for Deliberative Democracy, Université de Stanford

Professeur Karl Aberer: EPFL

Professeur Dani Rodrick: Kennedy School of Government, Université de Harvard

Dr. Santiago Levy: Inter-American Development Bank

Professeur Jean-Pierre Hubaux: EPFL

Mr. Hans Timmer : Director of the Development Prospects Group at The World Bank

Dr. Mustapha Nabli : Regional Chief Economist and Director of the Social and Economic Development Group, The World Bank



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